Welcome to Abra automation.
As with life this is a work in progress and will never truly be completed.

Abra is a small company based in the city of Mariehamn on Åland Islands in Finland.
The establishment took place in fall of 2017 under the name Abrakadabra.

The name Abra is a play with words coming from the famous word “abrakadabra” (swedish spelling). It suites an automation company as it is often considered as magic when the intended function works fluently and autonomous.
Read more about the word on wikipedia.

We specialize in industrial automation in preparation, developement and deployment of electrical equipment such as programmable fieldbus controllers, HMI & SCADA.

Our wide knowledge spreads between various fields, manufacturers and platforms.


You can call it a one man army.
In many ways that is what it is.

My name is Jonas Hedlöf and this is my small company.
I am a automation engineer that has been in the fields for about 8 years since graduation.

More to come.


More to come.